Educational work

Schedule of classes for the II semester 2017-2018 a.y. of the Department of Physical Education and Health:

Розклад занять на ІІ семестр кафедри Фізичного виховання та здоров’я

Department report 2016-2017 a.y.:

Звіт кафедри фізичного виховання 2016-2017н.р.

Department report  2016-2017 a.y.:

Звіт кафедри фізичного виховання 2015-2016

Since September 2015 organization of educational process at the Department of Physical Training and Health carried out under the new Work Programme with the following specializations:

1) football;

2) Voleyball;

3) Athletics;

4) Fitness;

5) Cheerleading;

6) Therapeutic physical training.

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