Career Guidance

2016-2017 a.y.

08.04.2017 y. 

08.04.2017 the teachers of the Department of Physical Education and Health took part in the Fair of Specialties of the NFU.

31.03.2017 y.

March 31, 2017 Department of Physical Education and Health opened the door for students grades 9-11 from the Lyceum number 133, as part of the professional orientation camp «PharmCamp». For the sports complex was a tour and a little lecture on physical education in pharmacy.

04.03.2017 y.

March 4, 2017 the Department of Physical Education and Health held an open day. In sunny weather, an outdoor sports complex was matchyeva pharmacy Cup meeting between the team and the coach Pharmacy № 7. The game was held in equal fight and ended with the score 4: 4 For our distinguished team, Sidor J., A. Bozhko, Zyuman Herasemenko in . C. and thank guests for a good game and see them spodivayumosya students of our university. We wish you success in education and sport!

21-27.02.2017 y.


With 21 to 27 February 2017h. fyzycheskoho department of education and health had proforyentatsyonnuyu works of medical colleges in Transcarpathia (g Mukachevo Coast d, g Hust, Mr Vinogradov). Pharmacy Team Cup took part in the tournament “Cup of Transcarpathia” and held a match with teams Uzhhorodskoho National University, OOSH g Mukachevo OOSH with. Chynadyevo and OOSH g Vinogradov. All matches vыyhrala pharmacy team. Cup Transcarpathia – our!

04.02.2017 y.

February 5, 2017, in the framework of the “Open Day”, Department of Physical Education and Health held a match meeting between the teams NUPh and FC “Cinta-Ukraine.” The first half was held in a bitter struggle and did not want to give opponents an advantage. This gave the score of the first half 2: 2. At the end, luck was on the side of NUPh players, which won with a score of 5: 4.

Later, a tour of the sports complex NUPh with future applicants was held.

Зважаючи на специфіку роботи кафедри, профорієнтаційна робота направлена на взаємодію із загальноосвітніми навчальними закладами зі спортивним ухилом (Броварський спортивний інтернат, Харківські обласні училища фізичної культури № 1 та № 2.)

Представники кафедри брали участь у виїзній профорієнтаційній роботі у містах та районах Херсонської, Миколаївської, Луганської областей де було укладено 65 договорів.




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